20 Years & Counting

3 October 2018

I met Michael on the Internet. That should tell you where I spent a lot of my free time. I was working on websites, and all of the code was beginning to blur. I had installed the most recent version of ICQ earlier that day, so I decided to take a break from the HTML and check out some of the new features. Trying out Random Chat I came across ET3KIDD. It sparked my interest because it was the first “normal” looking name I had seen. Most people had SexyKitty or HotMale for their usernames. Not original and usually indicating boring conversation and little imagination. ET3KIDD I could not figure out. You see I am an Army Brat, and I didn’t know it was a Navy thing. So I paged him: “Hi What is an ET3KIDD?”. After he explained that it was his rate/ rank in the US Navy, we began chatting.

We spent a lot of evenings chatting and emailing each other, and we finally met in “real life.” He stopped in on his way home for a family get-together. He was supposed to drop in for a moment and be on his way. We stayed up all night long talking about our lives, our dreams, hopes. He dropped by to take me to breakfast on his way back to South Carolina, and every weekend after that *grins*.

A little while later I went to visit him in Charleston, SC and after a week I was getting ready to come back home, and he asked me to stay. He first told me that he was falling in love with me one night with a full moon after a night of walking along the water at the Battery in Charleston, South Carolina. We were listening to the dolphins play in the harbor that night.

He asked me to marry him on September 13th, 1998. It was early in the morning; he had just gotten home from an overnight shift at Prototype. After the hugging and shock wore off, I said YES.

We married on my parents’ place in southwestern Virginia on a breezy October day surrounded by friends and loved ones. The wedding was wonderful. Quiet, comfortable, no church, no rules, just lots of fun! We wore jeans and comfy shirts. I thought that the wolves would have surrounded my dream wedding in the woods (which almost happened by the way), it turns out that any place would have done, as long as Michael was there.

Happy 20th Anniversary.

Love, Lehnanne

Marriage = Love

26 June 2015

Today the internet is about to break under the weight of all of the posts celebrating the Supreme Court’s ruling on a same-sex marriage.

We are so happy for our loved ones who now have a legally recognized right to marry and the benefits that gives them. Medical care, benefits, being given the opportunity to visit their spouse in the hospital; all of the little and the big things. No more will they have to politely nod when someone calls their spouse their good friend or their partner.

LOVE to you all — congrats.
The Kidds

Be My Valentine

15 February 2015

I don’t really think much of the Valentine’s Day hype. I don’t care for cut flowers, I don’t have a lot of room for tchotchkes and the bulk candy that you buy in this country is pretty nasty. BUT spending time with loved ones and having a good time – I am always up for that.

I booked a room at the Flamingo in Las Vegas and the four of us had a tremendous time.

Lovely ladies.
Lovely ladies.

Saturday morning the fun continued with buffet breakfast and bird watching – WHITE CASTLE on the Strip – naps and then onto Tony and Tina’s Wedding.

Tony & Tina

Followed by a trip to Paris.


Thanks to The Heinlen Family for all of the great memories!! xoxoxox

Teas the Season

17 December 2014

Life is too short to drink mediocre tea. When I was a small girl my (great-grand) Aunt Mary taught me how to drink tea. Black breakfast blend, with a touch of sugar and full cream. No skim milk need apply.

She was Irish and married an Englishman. So I have it on good authority that tea is the best medicine. Crap day, have a cuppa. Glorious day with great company, share a pot and some nibbles. Hot tea is a like a soaking bath for your soul.

Right now my go to tea is Comfort and Joy by The Republic of Tea. It tastes like Christmas. Sitting down with a mug of this tea and a Lebkuchen and I am transported back to December in Nuremberg.

Here’s to fond memories and new traditions. Happy Holidays.

Veteran’s Day

11 November 2014

Having grown up in a military family I have known from an early age the sacrifices that our veterans and their families make to ensure us certain freedoms.

Thank you.

Veteran Sandwich.
A Veteran Sandwich.

Me with my two most favorite military men, 1998.