29 March 2014

This morning I found a wounded mouse in the trap set by the water lines running into the RV. I didn’t think it right for it to suffer, so I killed it. I said I was sorry as I cried – I hate having to do any think like that. Later I made breakfast for us — I was sitting there telling Michael about what had happened earlier – crying again as I chewed my bacon. I am a hypocrite.


21 February 2014

The circus is in town – the ads are every where showing blissfully ignorant families smiling at the elephants doing their tricks. You should know that those animals are abused and tormented until their spirit is broken and their “acts” are not fun for them. It is not natural behavior – when was the last time you saw a dancing elephant in Africa or a lion jump through a ring of fire for shits and giggles?

Not everyone knows how they get these beautiful animals to perform these feats but if you know and you still go and give your money or you refuse to learn the truth so it doesn’t spoil your family fun … you are what is wrong with this world. Inaction equals evil.

So when you ask me “What am I supposed to do, stop going to the circus with my family?” Yes, that is exactly what you should do. Letting the circus know that you won’t be attending because of their treatment to animals is another step. If you LOVE th circus atmosphere may I suggest attending an animal free circus.

Ringling Beats Animals

Circus Cruelty

11 Facts About Circus Abuse

If you LOVE elephants check out places like The Elephant Sanctuary, Riddle’s Elephant Sanctuary, Performing Animals Welfare Society.

Elephants aren’t the only animals in the circus that suffer. Please learn more – the internet is at your fingertips.

Like I needed another reason

7 February 2011

…to hate Michael Vick.

Recently Michael Vick was given the key to the city of Dallas. That is a WTF moment right there …
what’s worse is Richard Hunter tried to ask Vick a question and share his story about saving one of the VICK dogs and he was met with abusive language, physical restraint, a blind eye and a deaf ear from Vick and his lackeys.

Watch the video.

There are few people on this planet that I would spend the energy on hating – but Vick is one of them.
Yeah I know – the poor little sociopath doesn’t know any better, he’s done his time – and my personal favorite –
it is only a dog … if that’s all you have to say about it you just don’t get it and you never will. Die Please.


7 February 2010

I wouldn’t piss on Michael Vick if he were on fire. In fact, if you look close enough I might just be the one holding the matches.

Busy Freakin Day

1 July 2009

I got up and made breakfast for the family. Then MIL and I went out to shop and lunch — girl stuff.

I had 10 inches +/- of my hair cut off to donate to “Locks of Love” – came back to the house, cooked out with the family.

Then after a little more shopping with the MIL came home again and vegged. After LK and his brother decided they were done tearing up GH:Metallica, Mitchell heading into the house. I thought I heard LK wheezing. Then Mitchell said through the window “Hey, what is this sound?”

I stepped outside into the darkness and heard for the first time in the wild (sub-burb of Morehead, KY isn’t all that wild) … the chatter of a lone coyote. Sounded like it was moving between about three yards just across the street.

So I did what any insane person would do at 10 pm on a Wednesday night on a quiet street full of conservative Kentuckians — I raised my head back and a I howled. When I was done I heard yips and barks then one mournful howl — then all of the dogs on the street when nuts.


Great freakin’ day!!

The coyote headed out of the area – I only hope to a less populated area — people around here love to shoot at critters. = (


30 May 2009

After 2 vet visits and 5 pills a day … things may be on the up swing. I don’t have a lot of details. But as soon as I know more I will let you in.

She had a biopsy and xrays, ultrasound — her stomach is distended with what appears to be food. Nothing foriegn. She is passing food now — but she is not 100% and grumpy. If someone shaved off half my hair in a weird pattern I would be grumpy too. = ) But her belly looks so smooth and cute. I just wanna raspberry it.

Keep your paws crossed.


19 March 2002

I live in an area where animals are treated with very little concern by most. They are property, they are tools, they are food. My thoughts on this one … those people are small minded assholes. Treating animals poorly simply because you CAN denotes a lack of self-respect. The same people who think it is okay to beat someone nearly to death because they are different and because they can. Gotta love those kinda people. I work with a rescue and we get all kinds of people who think they are good, decent people trying to dump their animals off on us. Reasons I’ve heard for having to get rid of pets: “he barks, he digs, he isn’t housebroken, he sheds, she got pregnant, she is too old, she chases the cat, she won’t stay in my unfenced yard, the kids wanted him but they don’t take care of him, she is my husbands dog and he’s out to sea (big excuse in the navy apparently), we got a new puppy, he got so big, I’m going to have a baybee.” For all of you morons who got any animal without doing a little research on what it takes to have animals in your life. Get together with the gold-diggin’ girlfriends from above rant and jump off the bridge together. You are NOT a NICE person if you abandon your animal. No they won’t make it in the woods, no a nice person won’t save it and take it home, no they won’t find a great family in the shelter, they will most likely DIE. And die they will – a horrible death. Starve to death, hit by vehicle, poisoned, killed by wild animals, confused and scared in a strange shelter surrounded by cold metal and noises they don’t understand while they wait their turn to die. Yeah go ahead and lie to yourself, you did the right thing. Fucking loser. Don’t even begin to think anyone who has half of a clue feels sorry for you either. I don’t. I hate you and people like you. Ask anyone who has been in rescue. You’re not good people, not by a long shot.