20 Years & Counting

3 October 2018

I met Michael on the Internet. That should tell you where I spent a lot of my free time. I was working on websites, and all of the code was beginning to blur. I had installed the most recent version of ICQ earlier that day, so I decided to take a break from the HTML and check out some of the new features. Trying out Random Chat I came across ET3KIDD. It sparked my interest because it was the first “normal” looking name I had seen. Most people had SexyKitty or HotMale for their usernames. Not original and usually indicating boring conversation and little imagination. ET3KIDD I could not figure out. You see I am an Army Brat, and I didn’t know it was a Navy thing. So I paged him: “Hi What is an ET3KIDD?”. After he explained that it was his rate/ rank in the US Navy, we began chatting.

We spent a lot of evenings chatting and emailing each other, and we finally met in “real life.” He stopped in on his way home for a family get-together. He was supposed to drop in for a moment and be on his way. We stayed up all night long talking about our lives, our dreams, hopes. He dropped by to take me to breakfast on his way back to South Carolina, and every weekend after that *grins*.

A little while later I went to visit him in Charleston, SC and after a week I was getting ready to come back home, and he asked me to stay. He first told me that he was falling in love with me one night with a full moon after a night of walking along the water at the Battery in Charleston, South Carolina. We were listening to the dolphins play in the harbor that night.

He asked me to marry him on September 13th, 1998. It was early in the morning; he had just gotten home from an overnight shift at Prototype. After the hugging and shock wore off, I said YES.

We married on my parents’ place in southwestern Virginia on a breezy October day surrounded by friends and loved ones. The wedding was wonderful. Quiet, comfortable, no church, no rules, just lots of fun! We wore jeans and comfy shirts. I thought that the wolves would have surrounded my dream wedding in the woods (which almost happened by the way), it turns out that any place would have done, as long as Michael was there.

Happy 20th Anniversary.

Love, Lehnanne


20 January 2012

It is true. Youth is wasted on the young.

I wouldn’t trade all I know now for being 19 again. Though I would tell my 19 y/o self to MOISTURIZE more.

Here We Go

8 January 2011

Monday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!) is my LAST (for real this time) general weight management appointment. By Wednesday stuff should be off to insurance for approval. Was told it can take up to 30 days … so I should be getting scheduled any time now.

Reading “The REAL Skinny on Weight Loss Surgery” by Janeway, Sparks and Baker right now. A lot of clear and concise information that the touchy feely crowd doesn’t mention.

Doing research on fibromyalgia and WLS – came across one study but looking for more people with both and see if the weight loss or the diet change has done anything for or to their fibro. Not holding my breath. It isn’t why I am having the surgery to be sure but added bonus would sure be nice.

Got some awesome PENGUINS swag from Vicious for my birthday. LK got me an Android tablet – the Samsung Galaxy. We sold the iPad. It is THAT cool. If I could find a mp3 player that ran Android that I liked I would get rid of my ipod touch as well. Yeah I love ANDROID that much. = 0 )

Happy Birthday to Me!

13 January 2010

I was in Florida for my birthday visiting family. Someone should send those people the memo, Florida is NOT supposed to be cold. It was warmer here in Chapel Hill. But anywhooze – we made the best of it.

Thirty-seven years and this is what I have learned.

You can’t love anyone until you love yourself.
Laughing at yourself and others isn’t a crime. Sometimes funny shit happens.
There is no point in getting upset over spilled milk or doggy pee — clean it up.
Unconditional love is the ONLY kind there is – everything else is an act.
A “BUT” after an apology isn’t an apology at all.
Dogs make the best leg warmers.
If you can smile through the pain, there is hope.
No one knows you better than you know yourself.
Do what you need to be happy – the rest falls into place.
No matter how much you pretend, the TRUTH is always there.

Some of the things that changed for me this past year.

I started therapy. I never had before, and I didn’t know until I wasn’t depressed that I even was – funny the things you learn when you aren’t watching for them.

I fell hard for HOCKEY. I don’t watch all the teams just the Penguins – but I love the sport, it is so fast, and graceful .. and VIOLENT. It is a lovely way to spend some time. Go Pens!!

I took a few irons out of my fire – afraid at first that I would feel like a failure because I wasn’t keeping up my share, but I realized I was doing more than my share and it was hurting me. Fibro is unjust and will stop you cold if you don’t watch yourself. I was running on empty. I realized it – made changes and now I am at a point where I can without guilt say NO to projects if I know it will hurt me in the long run. That is a significant step for me.

This year I am not sure what will happen, but I have hopes and some penciled in plans. = )


6 August 2009

Tomorrow is 8-7-09 … Sidney Crosby is doing his hometown run with the “Cup”. Which is cool enough – small town boy makes good. Real good. But … to top it off … my girl Cheryl … out did herself.

Had me in tears — good tears.

Tonight when LK came back in from walking the girls he handed me a package.

I couldn’t believe what was inside … CCM / RBK … the real fucking deal.

In “Away White” the official NHL Pittsburgh Penguins 2009 Stanley Cup Champs #87 team captain and Hockey Jesus extraordinaire … SIDNEY CROSBY jersey.


Happy Crosmas. And thanks again Cheryl.

*pics to come