Big Day

26 September 2001

pre-op Well today is the big day. It is exciting. Although that soap they gave me to scrub with stinks. But if that is the worst thing then I am set to go. I trimmed off my nails last night. Last year when I had my gall bladder removed I ended up scratching my cheek when I was waking up because of my long nails. I was just trying to rub the sleep from my eye and well you know how it can be. So last night I trimmed them back. Hey they are just nails right. = 0 ) Okay well I am going to go put my hair up and get going … have to be at the hospital by 0930 hrs. I will try to post more this evening but it may have to wait until tomorrow.

post-op HOWDY GANG!! Wow you would not believe how well I feel. I was a little nervous but I am feeling great .. all things considered. I got in at about 930 to the hospital, they gave me Zantac and Reglan for stomach acid and such. Then at about 1130 I was taken back to the OR and I woke up and could focus on the clock at 150 … really quick. I am only sore, no real PAIN .. thank the goddess for that one. My shoulder aches from the gas to inflate my stomach. But other than that I am good to go. Going to have some soup and watch movies for the rest of the day. The doctor took pictures too.

Tubal tales

25 September 2001

Looking forward to tomorrow. I’m a little nervous I guess it is just jitters from having to go under. I am not nervous about the sterilization. I have never been more certain of anything. I don’t want kids, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life on birth control or fidgeting with condoms so this is the logical choice. = )

The miscarriage in 1999 was traumatic and sad but it really gave me the strength to go through with this — I will always wonder “what if” when it comes to Nikolas but I am childfree by choice and this is my choice.

I am just glad it was simple enough to get here … I have heard horror stories about finding a doctor to do this on women under 30 that have no children. I had soup for dinner … we had a cold front come in and soup just sounded good … of course no fluids after midnight so I had better go get one last glass of water in before the morning.


24 September 2001

I am starting this a little late, my apologies. I thought this would be a neat way to express some things and maybe shed some light into the process for anyone thinking of having the tubal ligation.

I am covered by Tricare Prime so my experience may be a little unique. I am dealing with Army doctors who so far have given me little hesitation on this. I did have to wait 4 weeks for a “in case you change you mind” period. But other than that smooth sailing. My surgery is on 26 September and I am planning on taking as many mental notes as possible to share with those of you who want to know what happens to your body AFTER for future reference. *grins*

Today I had the lab work done for my surgery. You have to have it done in a 72 hour window prior to the operation. So LK and I braved the gate guards and 100% ID check to get on post and visit the lab. It isn’t too bad there, no one is REALLY giving me a hassle. Although today was fun, in the lab a woman actually GASPED .. like in movies and cartoons … when I told her I had no children and was having a tubal ligation on Wednesday and wanted no children. She went on about how great kids were but then farther into the conversation said things like ” I wish I had waited” and “Maybe 3 is too many” … HELLO … and I am the one with troubles?? Okay … well it is getting close to my bedtime.

gettin snipped

22 August 2001

In 5 weeks I will be sterile!! *grins* I got the okay from my doctor on the tubal. I guess since I am under 30 and have no children they think I don’t know what is best for me and my body. LK and I went in there prepared for a fight but the doctor took the hint last time that if he said no I would go to a different doctor. So I am slated for surgery on 26 September. Also the Navy is paying for it all. I guess it IS cheaper to have a tubal than 3 kids after all *wink wink*

Friday the 13th

13 July 2001

Happy Friday the 13th!!! I had a good day at the doctors. It seems I am going to get the tubal .. I have to wait the standard window of 4 weeks … the just in case you change your mind time frame and to allow all of the tests they ran today to come back!! Woo WOO!!! We are down to single digits on the countdown too!! YAY for me!