TBT – 1999

I have been thinking a lot about where my life would be and what it would be like. I would be doing research on a car for my soon to be 16 year old son. It is strange because I consider myself to be childfree and I always have, except for that blip in time. That moment when I felt movement and realized planned or not I was going to be a mother. Then just as I got used to the idea it was taken away – like some sort of cruel game of gotcha.

My dreams and my hopes for him, for us. Gone. Guilt for not wanting to be pregnant, sorrow for all of the what ifs to come.


This is the only picture I have of him.

Kalehn Nikolas Kidd
03 March 1999


This is how I am feeling today. I am tired of people and news and things. I need to unplug and let go.

I am mortified by the overwhelming ignorance that is running rampant in this country and I want to escape to a place of reason and calm.

Stupid people scare the shit out of me, especially the ones that don’t know they’re stupid. When I was 8 my Daddy taught me the difference between ignorant and stupid and I can handle ignorant – as long as there is a will to understand – but STUPID there is just no need for it.

My Seat

I want to start a category of posts based on the view from my seat. It will become more interesting as the travel goes on. Here is the idea, one picture snapped from my seat once a week (maybe more often). A mini travel log.


Today Jacob was a helper! We had noms, baby snuggles, Asbach brandy, and more snuggles.

namaste, asshole

Out and about yesterday Himself spotted a pro-wolves bumper sticker. This always excites me to see others who love wolves and such. As we got closer we saw several enlightened stickers. The last one I saw before the driver flicked his cigarette butt out of his window was this one …


I am not even kidding.

We got along side of him and I rolled down the window and shouted at him “WAY TO SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT — ASSHOLE!!”

Not the most zen thing to do — but it was better than my first instinct to jump out of the car, picking up the butt and flicking it BACK into his face.


You know I love books, but being in such a small space there is not really room for me to carry around a lot of extra stuff. So I love my KINDLE. Today – I realized I loved it even more.

You can install a small app on your desktop (Windows / Apple / Android) and have just about any and every ebook, text file, html whathaveyous sent to your Kindle. YAY!!

You can also put the Kindle app on your computer, and smart phone — having a Kindle gets you some perks but you don’t have to go buy one to use it as a reader!!

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