It sounds cheesy but “Be Your Own Beautiful” is something I believe in. Media cons a lot of people into thinking that they can’t be beautiful because of some magical number. If Tyler Durden were here he would tell you that you are NOT the number on your scale. You are not the size of your jeans.

Fuck the media and their standard of beauty. If you had a team of experts ready with spackle and hair gel 24 hours a day and Photoshop every image ever taken of you – you would still be YOU when it is all said and done. Make up can only cover up ugly on the outside.

Don’t believe me — Google “celebrities without makeup” … Colbie Caillat gets it.

You aren’t here to be anyone’s kind of beautiful but your own.


namaste, asshole

Out and about yesterday Himself spotted a pro-wolves bumper sticker. This always excites me to see others who love wolves and such. As we got closer we saw several enlightened stickers. The last one I saw before the driver flicked his cigarette butt out of his window was this one …


I am not even kidding.

We got along side of him and I rolled down the window and shouted at him “WAY TO SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT — ASSHOLE!!”

Not the most zen thing to do — but it was better than my first instinct to jump out of the car, picking up the butt and flicking it BACK into his face.


You know I love books, but being in such a small space there is not really room for me to carry around a lot of extra stuff. So I love my KINDLE. Today – I realized I loved it even more.

You can install a small app on your desktop (Windows / Apple / Android) and have just about any and every ebook, text file, html whathaveyous sent to your Kindle. YAY!!

You can also put the Kindle app on your computer, and smart phone — having a Kindle gets you some perks but you don’t have to go buy one to use it as a reader!!

Amazon.com – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

Italian Meatloaf

Himself has been nagging reminding me to post my recipes onto the blog. So here is the first of many (he hopes).

This meatloaf came about when we went Low-Carb. Most fillers for meatloaf are bread or crackers and sugar based ketchups – I missed the comfort of meatloaf so I started playing with my food.